About Draguny

Having generated more than $1.000.000 revenue in less than 3 years, the name Draguny is connected to the league of CPA high earners - Now revealing effective methods so you can ramp up your own earnings

My Story

Everything started 2012 when I was randomly catching attention on these websites which offer content for unlocking a survey, only a few of them were popular by then and it seemed to be a big thing in all popular forums, so I have made my own experiments and was also a bit lucky to achieve my first $1000/day within a short timeframe thanks to utilizing a hot niche.

I have then continued to work on it and always trying to bring up new inventions before my competition as I made CPA to my personal passion and I wanted to be creative about it. During the years CPA became more and more difficult and I had to face many challenges myself, not to forget all these people claiming CPA to be “dead”.

Surprisingly every year I was able to generate more income than the previous year despite having more tough conditions. The $1000 I made in that one day in 2012 completely changed my life into a world I couldn’t estimate for how big it will become.

Now it went as far as reaching my personal record of $11.000 revenue in one day with only $400 spent on advertisment.

During all this time I was motivated to help other people to get their hang in CPA as I know by myself how much this can change in everyone’s personal life and I believe having impact is one of the most important goals anyone should follow in life.

On my main CPA network I have more than $60.000 referral comissions which is a small number compared to my primary work but it also means that the affiliates I assisted made more than $1.200.000 revenue ( 60k * 20 (on a 5% rate) ) which is an indicator for me to have impacted the people’s life in my coaching program significantly.

Now I try to provide the best possible CPA teaching experience for free by using interactive courses and I hope it will be helping YOU out.

Think about it: Even if you learn only one thing here it will be worth it already because it’s free! And knowledge is all this comes down to…

Some of my CPA stats

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