Learn how to make money with CPA

The most extended CPA Marketing course is now available featuring more than five years of knowledge - Teaching you my personal way to highly profitable revenue

Result focussed

Learn the methods which have been proven to work in fast and efficient ways - applied to the current time (2019)

Optimized leads

Learn how to get conversions and not only clicks. Learn how to get the HIGH PAYING offers converted at ease.

Premium Coaching

Free coaching on a personal level, I am confident to improve any CPA project to MORE EPC/CR

CPAMastering courses

These courses will cover every step from beginner to advanced user, free and paid traffic methods and deliver new content to you on a regular update schedule


01 – What you need to know

Which are the best CPA networks to use? Setting up hosting + domain and how to use the personal individual support of CPAMastering

02 – First CPA project

Learn how to find a good niche, setup your landing page and edit it for your personal project. Also learn about how you can use videos for your project.

03 – Free and paid traffic methods

Learn how to use free and paid traffic to get leads with your content locking website. Time to start making cash.

What do you learn with CPAMastering?

"I will teach you the entire setup of your own incentive CPA projects in the most simple, but still efficient way. Stop wasting time by copying old and outdated methods and learn what is actually proven to be working based on my own experience" -Draguny

Draguny earnings over the recent years
with a single project (niche)

During the last years many things have changed. The simple “YouTube” or “Instagram” methods only cause frustration and often set you back to point zero. But even in the current year there is still plenty of cash to generate and I will show you how.

If you are familiar with OGAds you probably have seen that many people’s performance is stuck with cheap leads and less than $0,50 EPC which makes it hard to them to generate even small % of Return-Of-Investment (ROI). I will show you how to get bigger leads with even easier conversions. In fact it is possible to earn $100 with less than 500 visitors on your website. Don’t believe? Learn from existing case studies how to get this done!

Ever since 2012 I have been rising on the alltime-earnings leaderboards of known CPA networks. I believe a major part of reaching success is to find creative and believable approaches in your CPA campaigns – which you will learn in these courses.

Recent Testimonials

Vouch, it is legit. Earned my first $18 with 1 conversion today. Draguny gives you the materials to get started, but don't expect to be spoonfed.
Vouch for Draguny. He is a CPA master
I have been actively working with him for a few weeks and have made $20.000 in the last week only. This is more than last year together.
I have been working with Draguny on projects and we made more than $100k on one of those within a single month!

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